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How to brighten your brown eyes

Brown eyes are rather common and although some people may long to have bright blue or green peepers, brown can actually be just as beautiful. Allure Magazine recently broke down the best ideas for helping brown eyes stand out and ladies with these chocolatey colors will want to take notice.

Bright blue
The experts at the magazine report brown is a mixture of primary colors, meaning ladies with this hue are able to have fun with a lot of different eyeshadow and eyeliner colors. One of the best ways to help brown stand out is to incorporate cobalt blue into your eye makeup.

"An electric shade like this really makes brown eyes pop - I just love the contrast," a professional makeup artist told the news source.

To achieve a gorgeous style using this hue, start by swiping on the product as either eyeliner if you're feeling a bit more modest, or applying it all over your top lids to the crease lines. Spice the look up even more by rocking bold winged-out black eyeliner - this is perfect for a night out on the town with your best girlfriends.

Use the power of purple
Black mascara is a staple in most fashionistas makeup bags and although this color works to elongate and enhance eyelashes, it's not the only color for the job. In fact, using a deep purple or eggplant-toned mascara can actually be more beneficial for ladies with brown eyes. Using purple will help to bring out any hazel flecks in the brown.

"The eyes already have a variety of tones, so you don't need a dramatic shade to create a striking contrast," the makeup artist told Allure.

Greens and golds
Shimmering green eyeshadow and eyeliners are a great way to spruce up brown eyes in an instant and in today's makeup-crazed world, there are plenty of products with green in mind.

"Green tones come in a wide range of matte and metallic shades - they'll all pick up any flecks in brown," the artist told the magazine.

A great way to rock this style is to find a green eyeshadow with gold shimmer mixed in, as this will work to both enhance the brown and add a modest glow. Swipe the product on your top lids and add a touch of cream at the inner corners of your eyes for a bold contrast.

Other trends to try for brown eyes include copper eyeshadows, navy shadow and eyeliner and gold colors. 

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