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How to do blue

Blue eyeshadow is continuing to make a name for itself whether on catwalk models or in fashion magazines. Elle Magazine recently enlisted the help of a celebrity makeup artist to try and break down exactly how blue should - and shouldn't - be worn in this season or next.

Spice it up with silver

A great way to make a more modern style using blue is to incorporate other colors in with it, the news outlet reports. When trying blue eyeshadow, start with a base shade like metallic silver.

"I dampened the brush to achieve more opacity," the makeup artist told the publication. "For a powdery, see-through finish, you can apply the product dry.  No matter which way you choose, the goal is to achieve a watercolor-like wash on the lid."

Bring on the bright blues

Once the silver is applied perfectly, it's time to move on to the real star of the show, blue. The key to achieving a more modern feel using the retro color is all in the application.

"Using a soft angled brush, fashion a 'v' shape in the outer corner," the artist told the magazine. "This adds dimension and gives a playful quality without being too graphic."

With this technique, the silver hue is still the main focus, while the blue at the outer corners offers a funky and unexpected pop of color. Ladies feeling even funkier can apply the blue color on the lower lash lines as well, the makeup artist describes this as "youthful and fun."

Line away

Now that the blue and silver is in place, you'll need to add more dimension and drama to the style with black eyeliner.

"To add more depth and definition along the upper lashes, use a black gel liner," the artist told the news source. "I followed the natural shape of her eye, keeping the line clean and precise but without a wing. A cat-eye is beautiful, but pairing it with teal shadow can make it look 1950s-esque and dated."

Although gel liner may be best, ladies can also try using a standard black liner pencil or even try a liquid based variety for easier application.

Major lashes

Now that the liner, the color and the funk is complete, you're ready to finish off the fabulous eye makeup using tons of volumizing mascara. The stylist reports ladies should never wipe off any flakes of mascara that falls on their faces. Instead, wait for the product to dry as it will "brush right off instead of streaking" this way. 

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