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How to do makeup for your Mad Men party

Mad Men has been a massively popular show since it came on the air in 2007, which is why it is a perfect theme to choose for a holiday party. Everyone will love the opportunity to dress in the finest vintage threads, and female guests are sure to love the opportunity to try the makeup styles from the 1960s.

Whether you want to look sassy like Joan Holloway or classic like Betty Draper, the key is in the eye makeup, the show's makeup department head, Lana Horochowski, told People Magazine.

Horochowski says that Joan Holloway is "always put-together, very sassy and sexy," so she uses heavy eye liner and strip lashes to play up the actress Christina Hendricks' smoldering traits. Betty Draper's home look is natural, so Horochowski covers actress January Jones's face with a sheer foundation, black eye liner and mascara, with minimal eye shadow. Draper's night look is a bit more advanced - Horochowski told the news source that she will thicken the eyeliner and give Jones a brighter pink or red lipstick that coordinates with her outfit.

Lipstick, of course, is one of the defining characteristics of 1960s makeup. Horochowski recommends replacing more modern lip gloss and shimmery lipsticks with matte reds, bright pinks and corals to get a retro look. 

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