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How to emulate Princess Kate's elegant, natural look

It has been a year since Prince William was officially taken off the market by the beautiful Kate Middleton. But honestly, we love the Duchess of Cambridge so much it's okay that she took the world's most eligible bachelor. This down-to-earth diva even did her own makeup for what was surely the most talked about wedding of the decade. She certainly got some makeup ideas from the professionals, but the actual handiwork was her own on the iconic April 29, 2011. That means you probably can, too! Here's how to start.

According to People Magazine, Kate got her fresh-faced look by sticking to what she knows works - neutral eyeshadow palettes, black gel eyeliner, and three shades of pink blush. The Duchess also wore pink lip color topped off with lip gloss for that magical first public kiss with Wills.

Glowing skin

To recreate her look, start with a face primer. If you are going to be photographed as much as Kate was that day, you want a flawless finish when you put on your foundation! Primer is the key to this. Apply your foundation, powder and bronzer as normal. For your cheeks, use a Small, Angled Blush Brush and use it to blend several shades of bright, classic pink from your blush palette.

Classic eyes

For the eyes, BH Cosmetics' Gel Eyeliner is perfect. Using a fine eyeliner brush, apply this product all along your lash line, top and bottom. After applying eye primer, dip your blending brush into the ivory, silver and graphite shades in your 88 eyeshadow palette. Use the darker shades to shadow the outer corners of your eyes, creating dimension. The pearly ivory shade should be used to highlight the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bones. Finish the look with plenty of volumizing mascara.

Lovely lips

Kate's lips were beautifully natural, so if you are using a lip palette to recreate this look, make sure you apply only the lightest, most natural colors. You might be best off applying color from the palette then topping it off with BH's lip gloss. A nice light pink shade like "Studious" or "Plain Jane" would be perfect.

You might not be carried to your next destination by chariot (or carriage, or Aston Martin convertible, or, you know, any of the other incredible vehicles Kate rode in that day), but your makeup is sure to make you look worthy of the royal treatment!

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