Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
How to keep your eye makeup from smudging

It's every girl's worst nightmare: You take a quick trip to the ladies room during lunch, only to find that your eye makeup is smudged, and you wonder how long it has looked that way. Want to know how to prevent this cosmetics fiasco? Use these tips:

Use primer
If you want your eyeshadow to stay in place, the best thing you can do is apply primer before swiping your favorite hue across your lids. The primer's formula has the dual effect of making sure that your shadow goes on smoothly and evenly.

Wash your face
Giving your face a quick scrub in the morning not only prevents breakouts, it can also keep your eyelids from getting greasy, which is a common cause of smudged makeup. Removing the excess oils from your lids in the morning will help your shadow stay in place.

Apply powder
After you've completed your morning makeup routine, set everything in place by applying a dash of blotting powder on top. If it diminishes the vibrancy of your shadow, apply one more layer of makeup right on top.

Bring extras
If your school doesn't have air conditioning, your makeup may begin to run on a hot day. Stash extra eyeliner and shadow in your locker so you can do a quick touch-up between classes or on your lunch hour.

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