Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
How to look professional and cute for your summer internship

The semester is almost over, but if you're like many girls in high school or college, "real" work is about to begin. Summer internships require you to step into the real world for a while and get a feel for what it's like in the profession of your choice. While the work you do during your internship is the most important aspect, any career woman will tell you that the makeup you wear can make a huge impression.

In fact, The New York Times reported a study showing that makeup can help women look more professional, approachable, reliable and competent. That said, the office is not necessarily the place to try fun summer trends like bold eyeshadow palettes or crazy eyeliner. The key is to keep it minimal, so try these tricks for successful summer.

Eyes. Your eyes are where people look the most, and eye makeup can go a long way in highlighting your best features. For office-friendly eyes, draw a thin line across your upper lashline with BH Liquid Eyeliner. This makes your lashes look thicker and this particular liner is super smear-proof. When choosing your eyeshadow colors, save the brighter shades of your 120 eyeshadow palette for the weekends. Go with a neutral beige and highlight with just a touch of shimmery bronze or champagne if you want some sparkle. Give it a flawless look with a blending brush.

Face. Feel free to wear the amount of foundation, concealer and powder you normally wear, but pay a little more attention with your blush and bronzer. Use just enough bronzer to brighten your skin without looking like you belong on the beach. There are a number of blush options you can try. BH's 10 Color Professional Blush Palette has colors ranging from neutral to bright, and you can blend them together using the Small, Angled Blush Brush.

Lips. The lip color you use can be tricky. Red lips are trendy and can be professional when done right. If your internship setting is very formal, red lipstick might be just the thing to make you look your most professional. That said, sometimes a simple gloss is all you need to look polished. Try BH Lip Gloss in Office Queen for a neutral color with just enough shimmer to look dressy. 

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