Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
How to rock an adorable ponytail

Most girls love the ponytail. This hairstyle is easy, fuss-free and keeps that annoying hair out of our faces - whether we are playing a sport, studying for a test or glamming up for a night out. Pulling your hair away from your face also allows you to draw more attention to fabulous makeup ideas you may be trying out.

Of course, not all ponytails are created equal. The one you wear to soccer practice should not look the same as the one you plan on wearing to a formal event. Glamour Magazine points to Kristin Cavallari at the premiere of "This Means War" as a good example of a chic pony. Spray a volumizer on damp hair, then blow-dry until hair is about 75 percent dry. Then, apply mousse from the mid-shaft through the ends, comb through, and blow-dry a few sections with a round brush. Slick back into a high pony, following the line of your cheekbone, then add a few waves to the tail with a curling iron. Seventeen Magazine even suggests curling your hair first for more of a done-up look.

Once your hair is pulled back, you have ample opportunity to show off your favorite facial features. Try out a bold trend like red lips or a bright colored eyeshadow.

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