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Jean Paul Gaultier brings color to his collection

France continues to be the place to be if you're into fashion, as the Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Show marches on. Everyone who is anyone is in attendance to get a firsthand look at what is going to be on trend in the months to come. One designer who did not disappoint in terms of fun and creativity was Jean Paul Gaultier. The outlandish creator opted for bright and wild when it came to selecting a makeup concept for the models walking in his show. Ladies looking to try something a bit more out of the box should take notice.

To try and replicate the fab style you'll need to pick up certain products including bright tangerine-toned lipstick, a peach and golden-brown bronzer as well as gold and tangerine-toned eyeshadow. Staples like black eyeliner and volumizing mascara are also a must.

Bold lips
The real star of this look is the color orange, as it is displayed on the models' faces on both their lips and their eyes. For the lips, start by removing any imperfections like chapping that can occur during the winter months. Nip this problem in the bud by first pressing a warm face cloth on your lips for between one and two minutes, then start moving the cloth around in a circular motion over your lips to get rid of the dead skin and other problems. When the lips are soft, start swiping on the bold orange lipstick and keep going until you think it's bright enough.

Soft cheeks
Since the intensity in the style come from the lips and eyes, Gaultier knew enough to keep the cheeks minimal and ladylike. He and his makeup team did so by having the models wear a peach bronzer on the apple of their cheeks and then swiped on a shimmering golden product on top for a sassy and warm vibe.

Futuristic eyes
The bold and beautiful eyes finished off the out of this world style. The models donned orange-toned eyeshadow from the inner corner of their eyes, on their top lids up to the crease lines and out past the brow lines in a blunt straight line. The makeup artist at the show then applied a metallic gold hue on top of the orange to give it a futuristic flair. The models' eyes were then rimmed with black eyeliner and the style was completed with the addition of mascara.

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