Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Keep your makeup on your face - not running down it this summer

Summer is the most exciting time for many young ladies around the nation as school is out and there is plenty of free time to work on that killer tan and swooning that cute guy from math class. There's only one thing standing in the way between your own version of the "Endless Summer" and that is smudged or runny makeup.

If you're struggling to keep your face perfect with the rising temperature, have no fear - Glamour is here to the rescue. The fabulous publication recently gave its best tips on making sure your makeup stays put.

Use a damp brush

Girls may be surprised by this tip, but apparently it works. Instead of using dry makeup brushes to put on your eyeshadow, dip it in water beforehand, ring it out a bit and then put it in your eyeshadow shade and then apply the product on your lids. Makeup artist Brett Freedman reports using this technique will help the eyeshadow dry into a "nice glazed finish that lasts."

InStyle Magazine reports after trying a technique like this, it's important to dry the brushes. First clean the brushes you use with dish soap to remove oils and then lay the brush down flat on a paper towel to avoid rotting the wooden base of the brush.

Spend a little more time on your eyes

According to Glamour, enhancing your newly tanned skin this summer starts with using a tinted foundation under the eyes to help brighten them up. Then apply a touch of concealer on the inner part of the eye to hide any dark shadows or imperfections. This alone will make your eyes seem wider and brighter before actually applying any products.

Change up your mascara

Any old mascara will work in the colder months, but this isn't the truth during the summer. Because of this, Freedman suggests picking up a waterproof product instead - this way you can feel free to take a spontaneous dip with your best guy without fear of having black streaks running down your cheeks. If you have sensitive eyes, it may be better to look for a "weatherproof" mascara rather than a waterproof version, as it is easier to wash off if need be. 

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