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Lady Gaga knows how to make a statement

Per usual, Lady Gaga did not disappoint in terms of style while walking along the streets of Tokyo, Japan - probably finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping.

The always outrageous pop star was certainly feeling the season of silver and gold, opting to wear a multiple sheen gold mini-dress and coat with larger-than-life accessories and daring cosmetics. Gaga may love gold but she was right on trend in terms of her lip color choice as she rocked a deep, blood red lipstick in a matte finish. She added a touch of pink and tangerine blush to show off her high cheekbones. We can't be sure what her eyeshadow may have looked like as she hid behind dark sunglasses with a leopard print flare. We imagine she may have had dark eyeliner on her upper and lower lids and a bold shade of eyeshadow, a look she's been known to flaunt in the past.

Her outfit was wild - a puffy jacket/mini-dress with rope and braiding detail in different shapes and sizes. She added black and gold leather gloves with Wolverine-like claws as the ends of her fingertips, while her hair was in a high, side ponytail with extensions going down to her legs.  It definitely wasn't her most flattering look, though it certainly made a statement. 

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