Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Learn the tricks to contouring

The dark days of winter can be problematic for ladies who always strive to look their best. Not only do they need to fight with dry skin, but they also have to figure out a way to look fresh despite being paler than usual. A fabulous way to add an instant glow to your face is with contouring. Although this trend may seem scary or difficult to master, Elle Magazine recently broke down the style in a few easy steps, so ladies everywhere can feel confident giving it a try.

Powder first
To start contouring, grab a large brush and dip its top edge into powdered bronzer, preferably one that is a shade or two darker than your actual skin color. Next, swipe the color on below your cheekbones. Tip: suck in your cheeks to find your cheekbones easier, then swipe it on just under the line to create definition.

Shimmering product
After you've applied the right amount of bronzer, you'll want to grab your translucent powder that has a bit of shimmer and use the flat side of the same brush to swipe the light powder over the bronzer. This will help give your skin a soft and airy glow.

Bring on the matte powder
Since this look is all about the powder, it's no wonder the next step involves yet another type. This time you'll need to get a matte powder blush. Take a new blush and dip it in the blush and then apply it directly on the apples of your cheeks and up along the cheekbones toward the temples for the most natural look. You can find the apples by smiling - it will be the area that pops out the most.

The final step in contouring has to do with highlights. For this part, find a lovely highlighter product and then use a brush to swipe it on along your upper cheekbone area to provide your face with a gorgeous dewy glow. Feel free to add a bit of the highlighter on the bridge of your nose as well as this is an area the sun naturally hits.

When your contouring is complete, you can feel free to rock a variety of other face products. A neutral smokey eye style and a soft light pink lipstick will work to enhance your features in any season.

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