Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Learn to line without liner

Most ladies live for their eyeliner as the product works to shape, define and help the eyes pop in an instant. Despite how versatile the eye makeup is, some celebrities have been straying from the product in exchange for other trends that offer similar results. Lauren Conrad recently broke down this new style on her blog, The Beauty Department, to help fashionistas learn how to rock the look just like Brittany Snow, Kate Bosworth and Emmy Rossum.

According to LC, this no liner, liner style is best reserved for a casual brunch with friends or a laidback date with your best guy as it is subtle, yet packs a punch. To achieve the trend with ease you'll need black gel liner, or a cream-based black eyeshadow. A flat eyeliner brush is also a must as it is perfectly thick and stiff.

Achieve girl next door perfection
When you have the proper materials, it's time to get started. To begin, grab the flat eyeliner brush and dip the edge of it into the gel or cream product, making sure to get a thick coat on both sides. Next, use your free hand to lift your top lid upward to expose the upper water line. From here, use the brush to start applying the product at the outer corner of the upper water line, pressing the brush up into the roots of your lashes for the most definition.

Continue to stamp the brush along the lash lines until you reach the inner corner and then check out the creation in the mirror. From here you can either decide to simply swipe on a few coats of volumizing mascara, or you could opt to spice up the trend a bit more by applying neutral gold or eggplant-toned eyeshadow on your top lids.

Keep the rest of your look just as simple
Because this eye makeup is meant to look natural and carefree, you'll want the rest of complexion to have the same vibes - you won't want to rock trendy lipstick with this style. A perfect addition to the eyes may be a touch of peach or sun-kissed bronzer on your cheeks, starting on the apples of your cheeks and moving up and out toward your temples.

For the lips, try finding a lipstick that is just one shade brighter than your actual hue. Feel free to spice it a bit more by swiping on a clear or peach-toned gloss. 

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