Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Learn to love primer

When it comes to primers, most ladies agree the best ways to wear the product is to help set makeup in place and ensure colors don't run. Even though primer is a key player in avoiding such makeup blunders, Allure Magazine believes true fashionistas can get even more use out of this versatile product. The findings may offer women everywhere a chance to explore their favorite new makeup trends without having to worry about beauty imperfections getting in the way.

Soften problem lines
There is perhaps nothing worse than having those ugly smile lines or even crow's feet at the outer corner of your eyes, especially when you're trying to rock fabulous eye makeup. These beauty imperfections can seem impossible to hide, unless you have a secret weapon. A makeup artist reports mixing your go-to primer with a concealer of your choice can be the perfect concoction for covering up fine lines. Simply mix the two products and then use a makeup pad or a thin brush to apply it directly into the lines - the primer will help set the concealer in place for hours of coverage.

Reinvent your foundation
In most instances ladies find a product like foundation and continue to use it as it can be hard to find items that match your face perfectly. However, fashionistas may want to try mixing their favorite foundation with primer for a gorgeous and professional looking matte-style. This mixology will work to give your skin the airbrushed look, without the price such products can run for. Plus, the ingredients in primer help the concoction stay put all day without problems.

Keep T-Zone troubles at bay
The T-Zone is more like the danger zone for many ladies around the nation. This refers to your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your chin, making a "T" on your face. The large section is unfortunately the top area for oil production, which can make you look shiny or greasy without if you don't cover it up with certain products. To curb the oil slicks, start by washing your face before applying makeup and then going over the area with a bit of powder to absorb any oil. Then, grab your primer and blot a bit of it all over your T-Zone, this will act as a last defense of stopping oil in its tracks.

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