Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Learn what will be hot this spring/summer before anyone else

New York Fashion Week is here and it is during this time that industry leaders will decide what's going to be hot in the coming months. Rehearsals and fittings have been going on all week and Glamour Magazine's own Suze Yalof Schwartz had an insider pass to all the excitement and beauty and makeup trends. Schwartz recently shared what she learned with the magazine to give ladies a chance to steal the latest looks before the models even finish hitting the runways.

According to Schwartz, one of the most popular trends on the models at shows like Michael Kors was using bright colored eyeshadow to replace the darker, yet still popular smoky eye. To achieve this fun and spring-like look, simply swap out your current go-to dark colors like charcoal or jet black, for bright and bold shades such as lavender, metallic blue or hot pink.

Dick Page, makeup artist for the Michael Kors show, told Schwartz that he also lined the models eyes with black eyeliner and then added shimmery gold eyeshadow in the corner of the inner eyes. The key to making the color really stand out is smudging the eyeshadow using makeup brushes, according to Page. Finish off this funky style with tons of jet black mascara and a wild hairstyle.

Move over red lipstick, there's a new "it" shade in town and its name is orange. Red is no longer the top color making a splash as 2012 will see plenty of new fun and fabulous shades of orange instead, ranging from tangerine to peach and everything in between. The hue is not only being used for lip color but for blush, bronzer and eyeshadow as well. Schwartz reports that she found the key to using this tone correctly is to apply it on only one area of the face at a time. So either use it solely to make your lips stand out, your cheekbones or your eyes - never all three together.

Models at the Erin Fetherston show rocked bold orange blush on their cheeks and had deep smoky eyes for a solid contrast. Supermodels at the Rebecca Taylor show were vibrant in tangerine toned lipstick in a matte finish with smooth, slicked back hair.

According to Elle Girl Magazine, a great way to stand out with bright orange cosmetics is to rock an equally bright or fun colored top or dress. This will show you're confident and fashion forward for sure.

The spring and summer can also be time to show off that killer tan and embrace feeling great without tons of makeup. Lauren Conrad, formerly of The OC and The Hills, certainly knows about embracing the summer attitude and detailed another hot spring/summer trend to watch out for on her blog,

According to LC, ladies who want to look as though their natural features are simply being enhanced can achieve this with a few simple steps. First, ditch the eyeshadow and instead opt for a bit of brown shimmering eyeliner to add a touch of sparkle. Then apply a modest amount of waterproof mascara - it's best to go waterproof because who knows where you might end up during the warmer months. For your cheeks try a cream blush instead of a powder option for a more natural feel. Find one with a hint of shimmer to achieve that dewy glow. Add a clear lip gloss or one with just a touch of color in tangerine or pale pink to finish off this summer-friendly style.  

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