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Lime eyeshadow: a must or a bust?

When you think of lime you probably think it's the perfect fruit to add to a refreshing glass of water - wearing the hue as eye makeup most likely isn't in your train of thought. However, Glamour Magazine recently broke down exactly how to rock this shade right during the summer - believe us, you'll want to give it a try.

According to the news outlet wearing lime green on your eyes can actually help bring out that fresh tan and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Lime can be tricky to keep on the lids, so it may be best to start by applying eye primer on the upper lids using makeup brushes.  It might also be good to pick up a 120 eyeshadow palette as the style experts used a few different shades of green to get the right color. To perfect the hue, the writers used a lime shade and a golden olive color and mixed it together for a glistening green. Tip: try mixing a few different colors together on your hand to figure out which combination you like best before trying it on your eyes.

After you've found the best shade, start by applying the lime color on your lids to the crease lines. Then apply the metallic olive green color on top using a blending brush. When you're satisfied with the hue, it's time to apply eyeliner. Glamour suggests going big for this look and that means creating a sassy 60s cat eye. To achieve this, pick up liquid eyeliner in jet black and start by applying it at the inner eye on the top lids and spread it out thicker past your brow lines.

Finish off this funky look with tons of mascara or false lashes.

InStyle Magazine reports Jada Pinkett-Smith was daring enough to try lime green at a recent event. The actress rocked a darker green dress and bold blue earrings along with the fun eyeshadow.   

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