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Lock up your liner

When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is a staple for most ladies young and old as the product works to keep the emphasis on beautiful peepers. Although the item is a must-have for many girls, it does have one flaw - it tends to run over the course of the day. This is both tragic and can make a lovely lady look like she's got a black eye - a major fashion no-no. Lauren Conrad recently described the best way to avoid this issue altogether on her blog, The Beauty Department.

Tools for the trick

To begin this life-saving procedure, you'll need to pick up a few products used in the process. According to LC, you should grab a flat-headed eyeshadow brush and pressed powder. You can use one that matches your skin tone exactly or one that is a shade lighter to create a highlighted effect that will draw more attention to your lovely eyes. You will also need your eyeliner of choice and any other eye products you use on a daily basis.

Achieve the look

After obtaining the right products it's time to watch the magic happen. Start by applying your eyeliner as you usually would, either on top only or on top and bottom. Then swipe on your eyeshadow and other products like you would on any other day. Now, comes the protection. Dip your brush into the powder - make sure to apply a ton of it to both sides of the brush. Then take the brush and hold it vertically and begin dabbing the area below the liner on your bottom lids, touching the liner firmly. Dip the brush in the powder again and then sweep it under the liner from one corner to the other, this is what helps set it in place and stops it from traveling during the day. Finish the blocker by using the brush, without re-powdering it, and sweeping it back across the area to help ensure it's blending together.

InStyle Magazine offered other suggestions for keeping eyeliner in its place, including purchasing products with a waterproof formula to decrease smudging incidents. Makeup artist Gucci Westman reports the trick LC suggested is also a must as it helps keep oil on the skin away from the liner.

"Eyeliner usually runs when it encounters oils on the skin," Westman told the news outlet. "This [applying pressed powder under the eyeliner] helps soak up oils and lock the eyeliner in place," says Westman. And remember: Always apply powder before putting on mascara, or your lashes may end up getting cakey."

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