Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Look flawless in the Kodak moments of spring break

They say college is one of the most memorable times of your life, and spring break is an opportunity for thousands of memories to be made. These days, most of our memories are captured on film, so make sure you look your best in spring break photos with these tips.

A good picture starts with the cosmetics you choose. Cosmopolitan Magazine recommends starting your beauty regimen with a face primer. This product evens out your skin tone so that foundation glides on smoothly. Allure Magazine reports that primer is summer's secret beauty weapon, so it will be your best friend in any tropical locale, too.

The type of concealer you use can also make a huge difference, Cosmo reports. Wearing too light of a shade can result in a halo look around your eyes, which is not as angelic as it sounds. Wearing the correct shade is particularly tricky when you have been spending time in the sun, so consider bringing along a couple shades.

Also make sure you sweep on both blush and bronzer. Using just one of these products can give your face a flat look on film. 

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