Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Look perfect in pictures for the holidays

Forget getting presents, for many fashionistas the best part of the holiday season is showing off their stylish ensembles and stellar makeup trends. Even though many ladies out there have already found the perfect frocks and have scooped up new cosmetics, one thing they may need a few pointers on is how to look gorgeous in front of the camera.

Find your best side
The best way to look like a star in any photo is to find your "good" side. Yes, you may have heard a few celebrities talk about their good side and thought they were totally crazy, but most people actually do have a side that is more symmetric than the other, Shape Magazine reports.

"Take some time to look through old photos of yourself. Note ones where you really like how you look and figure out which side of your face is to the camera and how your body is angled," a former beauty pageant queen and now coach, told the publication. "For most people, a 45-degree angle (or 3/4 turn) is flattering, unless you have a larger nose, in which case you should face the camera straight on. If you tilt your head away from the camera, make sure your eyes are still looking at it."

Forget about posing
Many ladies remember the now infamous Angelina Jolie leg pose during last year's Oscars, and although she may have made history for her gam, you won't want to do the same this holiday season. The pageant star reports getting too comfortable in one pose can make you seem like you're not living in the moment in the photos you take.

Instead, try to switch up your style and opt to keep your arms away from your body in full-length shots as this will improve your posture. Arch your back slightly as well to make your waist look smaller.

Choose your makeup wisely
Perhaps one of the most important steps in taking beautiful pictures is to wear makeup that makes you look like yourself - just better.

For the lips, the makeup and fashion pro suggests first applying a layer of foundation and translucent powder on your bare pout and then lining your lips in a nude liner. Next, swipe on a lipstick that is about one shade darker than your natural hue and finish the style by dabbing on a bit of gloss on the center of your lower lip for a natural glow.

When it comes to eyes, go for warm, smokey eye makeup using gold eyeshadow and brown liner. Enhance your peepers by wearing false lashes that are sure to stand out in any photo. 

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