Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Look to love: gold accents

When you're at a loss as to what eyeshadow to wear on any given day, why not reach for gold? This luxe hue is all the rage on the runways, and adding a few gilded accents to your makeup routine is an easy way to get that coveted glow.

Shadow-liner combo
While using eyeshadow is an obvious way to wear this golden trend, pairing the shadow with gold eyeliner is a unique approach to the popular look. Trace the liner along the inner rims of your eyes and curl your lashes instead of coating them with mascara. Top it off with a neutral lip color.

On your lips
If you prefer to bring the focus of your makeup to your lips rather than your eyes, apply just a dab of gold on top of red lipstick to give extra dimension to your pout. This is a fantastic look for a night out on the town!

Smoky eyes
While smoky eyes are a beauty industry staple, you've never seen them done like this. Use three different gold-based shades to create this look, and follow the rules you normally would when creating a smoky eye. We recommend using white gold, bronze and classic gold hues to achieve this effect.

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