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Make a statement with double-line eyeliner

Makeup has long been used to help ladies express themselves and stand out from their friends and other women. A great way to change up your style is through using eyeliner, as the product comes in a variety of colors, textures and sizes, giving girls a chance to get creative with their looks. Lauren Conrad is no stranger to divulging valuable makeup tips and she is at it again on her blog, The Beauty Department. The true fashionista recently broke down how to achieve the fabulous double-line eye makeup and ladies need to try it out at home.

Makeup products you'll need
This style is a bit harder to achieve than your average eyeliner trend, and LC says it requires some specific tools. You'll need to pick up a skin-tone shadow, a brown or gray eyeliner, a black eyeliner both in pencil and liquid form, an angled liner brush, black eyeshadow, a white liner, concealer and a concealer brush, pressed powder, mascara and false lashes.

Prepping the lids
Since this look has a lot of different textures and colors, you'll need to start the transformation by applying the flesh-toned shadow or the pressed powder all over your top lids. You could also use a primer if you have that on hand. Let the products sit for between one and two minutes before adding any other colors.

Enhance the crease lines
After you've successfully applied a base coat on your top lids, you'll need to create dimension by enhancing the crease lines. Grab the brown or dark gray pencil and swipe it along your crease lines in a half moon shape along your socket. Next, get a Q-tip and gently smudge it back and forth along the brown or dark gray color to help blend it into your crease lines for a more natural feel.

Start lining
Once you feel your crease lines are perfect, it's time to move on to the main event, the black eyeliner. For this look, it's best to start by lining your top lash lines with the pencil, sweep the product from the inner corner of your eyes all the way to the outer corners and then stop. Check out the application and then lift your top lid slightly to really get in between the lashes, something liquid liner isn't capable of.

When the lash line is sufficiently covered, grab the angled liner brush and create a winged-out style by using the brush to go back over the outer corners of your lash lines to pick up a bit of the black pencil line you already created. Sweep the brush out and upward toward the angle it would intersect with at the end of your eyebrow. If you mess up, simply grab some makeup remover and try again - this may take a bit of practice.

Now that you have the perfect line on top, start making it more pronounced by going over the pencil with black liquid liner

Moving on to the bottom
When the look on top is just right, you're ready to move onto the bottom lashes. To begin, dip a thin liner brush into black eyeshadow and use it to trace along your bottom lash lines. Tip: dip the brush in water first to add more intensity to the style. Wing the color out past your lash line until it is parallel with the upper wing you already made.

Add more drama by swiping white pencil on your water lines, you could also try nude if that's all you have to work with at the time.

To ensure your double wing effect is perfect, grab your concealer brush and load up on your go-to concealer and then apply it in between the two lines to ensure they really pop and look uniform. Next, get a clean brush and dip it into your pressed powder and swipe it on over the concealer to help it set better.

Finishing touches
When you feel confident with the eyes, finish the look off by applying a few coats of volumizing mascara. If you want to be ultra bold, skip the mascara and instead apply false lashes. 

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