Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Make the most out of your makeup

Makeup trends come and go similar to styles of clothing, however there are certain products that not only stand the test of time, but also look amazing on every skin tone. Allure Magazine recently dished on the tools that continue to impress and look perfect on everyone, so ladies should listen up.

Deep purple hues
Purple is one of the top colors that work on people of every skin tone and deep purple is a great way to look awesome and chic. A makeup artist told the news source that darker purple is the ideal mix of blue and red, meaning it "compliments everyone and is a great color for day or night."

Even though the color is lovely, the artist warns fashionistas to stay clear of hues that are too heavy on red undertones, as that type of color is not suitable for all skin tones.

Peach-toned blush
Blush hues can be difficult to master as too pink can see childish and too red can make a lovely lady look like a clown. According to the news source, the best route to take for a natural glow is to search out a peach-inspired product.

"A peach blush with a little shimmer marries perfectly with every skin tone," the makeup guru told the publication.

Ladies should apply the hue in different spots on their cheeks based on their complexion. Fair skinned ladies should swipe it directly on the apples of their cheeks, while women with dark skin should apply the product up higher, closer to the cheekbones, using it to act as more of a highlighter than typical blush.

Navy eyeliner
Black may be the go-to color of eyeliner for most ladies out there, yet for girls trying to switch up their style, navy blue is the way to go. Navy will help the eyes look "awake" and full of life, no matter what skin tone you have.

"The deep blue will emphasize the whites of your eyes so they're instantly brighter," the artist said, adding a pencil or cream version is better than a liquid product.

Other dazzling makeup products that will be perfect no matter your skin color include shimmering gold eyeshadow, true red lipstick, sheer rosy gloss and shimmering, deep bronze-toned eyeshadow. 

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