Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Make the transition from winter to spring with the right cosmetics

Winter is finally winding down (thank goodness). Although many ladies are anxious to take off those big over-sized coats in exchange for fun and flirty sun dresses, those looking to make the best of the remaining cold weeks should also try to incorporate the seasons best winter cosmetics before it's too late. People Magazine recently broke down the seven best makeup trends celebs have been sporting this winter, and a few can be brought into the spring and summer months as well.

Starting off the list of beauty must-haves is of course the red lipstick craze. Many ladies out there have most likely given this fashionably pouty look a try, but what other cosmetics they paired the style with my be different. Stars like Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart are famous for keeping their pouts cherry red, however the secret to doing it right is making sure your other makeup is minimal. Girls with fair skin might benefit from this look even more, as the bold lip color against winter white skin will be beautiful. To achieve this style first, find a shade of deep red in either a matte or glossy finish. Next, make sure your lips are moisturized by exfoliating the skin by rubbing a warm facecloth on them. Then apply a layer of moisturizing lip balm and lip primer to ensure the color stays where it's supposed to. Finally, add the red lip color and presto, you're fabulous. Add a touch of rosy pink blush on your cheekbones and swipe a neutral colored eyeshadow on your lids to complete this easy, yet fashionable style.

Glamour Magazine reports that this look can be updated for a more spring/summer feel by switching out the deep red for a bright pink shade instead. Pink lips have been popping up on celebs such as Blake Lively and Kelly Osbourne as of late.

People Magazine's second best late winter look to try is nude lips with over-the-top dramatic eyes. Leading ladies like Angelina Jolie have been know to rock this sultry style, and let's be honest, who doesn't want to resemble her?

To achieve this sassy look, start by first lining your upper and lower lids in black or dark gray eyeliner. Finding a pencil with a bit of shimmer will pump up the volume even more. Next, go for a sultry smoky eye. InStyle Magazine suggests ladies create a smoky eye by dragging the eyeliner along the upper lashes and then blend the color upwards using makeup brushes. Then apply an equally dark eyeshadow up to the crease line. Finish the look by applying a lighter tone - such as a shimmering silver - from the crease and up to the brow line. Because the eyes are so bold, little is needed on the rest of your face. A touch of golden brown bronzer and a clear or pale pink lip gloss should do the trick.

You can also create a fresh spring smoky eye by using neutral or metallic toned eyeshadow. Try looking for an eyeshadow palette with plenty of options - a 120 eyeshadow palette should do.

Another style that can work both in the cold and warm weather is matching lips and cheeks, People Magazine reports. Actresses like the lovely Anne Hathaway have been seen stepping out in similar cosmetics and it offers a sweet and sophisticated vibe - perfect for prom or a hot date. To achieve this fab style, start by picking a perfect shade of pink - one that's not too bright and not too muted. A shade with tangerine undertones may be best as it will be easier to find a similar shade of blush or bronzer for your cheeks. Once you have the right hue, take the same steps to prep your lips as when wearing red. Then apply a similar toned blush or bronzer on your cheekbones and add minimal eye makeup.

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