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Make your friends green with envy

When it comes to makeup trends, most ladies have tried it all. From lip liner and false lashes to using glitter and even colored mascara. Although some styles win and some fall flat on their faces, one new look to try may be green makeup. Allure Magazine's associate editor, Sophia Panych, recently broke down all the wonderful ways to wear green makeup and some may surprise even the most fashion-forward ladies out there.

Why go green?

Green continues to be one of the most popular colors not only this season, but for the entire 2012 calendar year. From green nail polish to green shoes and handbags, this hue is both versatile and unique, perfect for helping a girl stand out. Although green may look good on your new school bag, some ladies, Panych included, may be a bit freaked out about trying green makeup. Panych said she thought using the hue would make her seem too dark or that she was dressed for Halloween rather than for a date or an office meeting. However, with a little encouragement and bravery, green can be fun.


The great thing about green is that it comes in a variety of different shades. Kelly green may be best reserved for a holiday like St. Patrick's Day, while a lighter sea foam green or pastel green can work to help your eyes sparkle, while still being subtle enough. According to the source, when wearing green eyeshadow it's best to stick to using brown eyeliner to rim your eyes rather than traditional black. Brown will help to warm up the eyes, thus better meshing with the green tone. When wearing green eyeshadow it's also best to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. A touch of sun-kissed bronzer on your cheeks and a light pink lipstick on your pout will look perfect.


There continues to be new trends with eyeliner as of late, one being using bright hues in exchange for more mundane black and brown. A great way to make a statement at a concert or a night out with friends is to rock bold and deep emerald green eyeliner. Glamour Magazine reports green eyeliner is great for enhancing all eye colors and ladies can try applying just on top, just on bottom or on their entire eyelids. The trick is to test out different styles before heading out, this way you'll get a feel for your comfort zone. 

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