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Makeup brushes make the smokey eye

The smokey eye has been a staple in most ladies' eye makeup rotation for many years now. However, just because girls might think they know how to perfectly apply eyeshadow for this style, some may be way off. Glamour Magazine recently laid down the law when it comes to perfecting this look and women everywhere should take note.

According to the fashion mag, the true key to achieving an incredible smokey eye is having the right brush palette. Using different makeup brushes is crucial for applying the variety of colors and liners that go into a sassy smokey eye.

For your lids, you'll need a brush with dense rounded bristles - making it easier to sweep an even amount of dark shadow around. First apply eye primer and then liberally sweep on the dark color all over your lids. To add an intense, darker shade on your creases, you'll need a brush with slanted bristles that will help keep the product where it's meant to be, rather than accidentally applying the hue too high above the eye or too low on the lid.

To add major drama along your upper lash line, you'll need to find an angled brush and a jet black or navy-toned eyeshadow. Glamour suggests you rock the brush back and forth against the base of the lash line to mimic the look of eyeliner. If you're feeling extra wild, feel free to wing the product out past your brow line for a smokey-cat eye sensation. 

For your bottom lids, you'll need to find a blending brush and use the same hue you applied on the lash line of your upper lids. The smudging effect will enhance the boldness without looking sloppy.

InStyle Magazine reports ladies can update their smokey eye for summer by trying out the traditional look but replacing the dark eyeshadow with warm tones like copper and gold. 

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