Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Makeup mistakes no more!

Messing up your makeup can be a real drag, especially when you're in a rush to go on a date with that hot guy from work or to an important dinner with your family. Although some problems can only be fixed by starting with a clean slate, Teen Vogue Magazine recently broke down ways to curb common issues before they happen.

Eyeshadow creasing

There is nothing worse than applying a gorgeous blend of eyeshadows and then minutes later seeing the products spread out, exposing a touch of your natural lid at the crease line. You may think there is no hope in solving this issue, but the experts at Teen Vogue shed some light on the problem. Makeup artist Jake Bailey reports the best way to avoid creasing is to first apply toner on your lids to soak up any oils. He added oil slicks are the root cause of the creasing so keeping it at bay will lessen your chances of seeing skin.

Lipstick overload

Lipstick has become tres chic this summer as celebrities from around the globe have been seen wearing bright pops of color on their perfect pouts. If you're itching to try fuchsia, tangerine or any lip shade in between, but are leery of having the product smudge on your face, we have a solution for you and its name is lip liner.

"Look for waterproof lip liners. Once you've lined your lips, fill them in entirely with the same pencil," Bailey told the magazine. "Apply a matching lipstick on top of it, but primarily in the center of the lips rather than all the way to the edge of the line."

Glamour Magazine reports when going for brights on the lips, make sure to keep the rest of your cosmetics simple. A touch of bronzer on your cheeks and neutral eye makeup will keep the focus on your fun pout.

Too bright blush

Blush is a fabulous way for ladies to achieve the perfect and girlie pink cheeks. However, using too much can create something more suitable for Barnum and Bailey's Circus, rather than a night out with friends. To find the correct balance, Teen Vogue suggests trying a cream blush over a traditional powder product. Mixing in a touch of foundation with the cream can also help neutralize the area should you accidentally go overboard.

"If you've used a cream blush, you can take a tiny bit of foundation and tap it lightly over the heavy blush using your fingertip or a sponge to neutralize it," Bailey told the news outlet. "If you've used a powder blush, then you probably need to start over. If you use a powder blush, make sure you powder the cheek area before applying powder blush as it will stick and look blotchy if applied to unpowdered skin or foundation. Cream blush is the opposite - it must be applied over unpowdered skin because it won't blend smoothly over a powdered surface. Always start with a very small amount of blush [cream or powder] and build from there until you've achieve the desired amount."

Flaky foundation

If you've noticed your foundation in the mirror, then it's not applied right. Foundation is meant to help smooth your skin imperfections, not expose them! In order to get this product to work to your benefit, make buffing your best friend. Bailey reports the best way to get a smooth foundation application is to use a kabuki brush to buff the foundation and spread it thinly all over your face. Next, use a sponge to help absorb any excess product before it dries. Using a liquid-based foundation is typically easier than trying to blend with powder forms.  

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