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Makeup must-haves for ladies in their 20s

Being fashionable and creating a name for yourself are the main goals of most young ladies in their late-teens and early-20s. Although some may assume they have everything from what color blush to wear to how to create the perfect smoky eye down pat, InStyle Magazine thinks there is a bit more for these fashionista's-in-training to learn. The style gurus at the publication recently broke down exactly what makeup products girls in their 20s need to own now.

Lip stains

Lipsticks and glosses continue to be popular in the fashion world, but the magazine reports lip stains are really the next generation. Amy Nadine, who works for Lauren Conrad's blog, The Beauty Department, said lip stains are great because they look natural and are long lasting.

"The colors really pop without feeling overdone - plus they last for hours and aren’t drying," Nadine told the news source.

Since you'll likely be rocking the stain daily or at least on the weekends, try to select a few shades that enhance your natural color. Muted cranberry, light red or a reddish-pink hue should be perfect for most skin types.

Powdered blush

Next on the list of must-haves is powdered blush with shimmer in it.

"You can still pull off shimmer in your 20s," Nadine told the publication. "[Certain] powder has the perfect proportion of glitter to pearly iridescence." Use an oversized powder brush and apply the product on the apple of your cheeks over your foundation.


Eyeliner continues to be a staple in many women's (both young and old) cosmetic bags. Not only does the product come in a variety of colors and styles, but it also works to create definition and personal style that helps make people look more individual. Glamour Magazine reports one of the top trends for ladies in their 20s is the cat eye style. This retro vibe works to add major drama to any look in an instant and is relatively simple to create. Simply extend your eyeliner up and out about a half inch past your brow lines for a modest version. Feel free to thicken the product or even use a fun color like mint or purple for more variety.

Other 20s-friendly makeup includes sun-kissed bronzer, volumizing mascara and false eyelashes.

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