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Makeup shades for every skin tone, every day

Finding colors of eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipgloss and more can be difficult - especially for girls who want to use these items in numerous ways and with tons of different outfits. Although having a signature color, like bold red lips or brightly colored eyeliner, is great, sometimes you want beauty products that work for every look.

Ladies needn't look any further than In Style magazine, as the fashonistas there have complied a list of the best makeup shades that work for everyone.

Number one on the list is a lip lacquer in a light pink, almost rose color. According to the magazine this fresh shade works well on everyone from ladies with fair, ivory skin to beauties with darker flesh tones . The key is using it in different ways. Those with a fair complexion can just slide this color on and look fabulous, while girls with darker skin should try using a product like this as a light-reflecting topcoat. In both applications, the added hint of shimmer will ultimately get all eyes on you.

On the topic of lips, ladies searching for a less shiny look may want to seek out a warm beige-pink color that acts as the perfect nude option for everyone from fair to medium-dark skin tones. The magazine suggests finding the shade and then the style you like - whether it be matte, glossy or standard - as this is how you make the look your own.

For girls looking for that "wow" factor - the color of choice for lips may be a vibrant tangerine. Although you might be wondering if a bright orange shade would work for you, the source reports that this color helps bring out a bit of warmth and a fresh pop of color - perfect for the dreary winter season. Those bold enough may also want to try a shade of bright red - a favorite choice among some of the top stars including Gwen Stefani and fab stylist Rachel Zoe.

As winter is fast approaching every girl needs to know about blush and bronzer - as these makeup essentials help bring much needed color to the face. One shade that looks ferocious on all skin tones is a light, shimmering peach. Find an option that has light-reflecting particles and shimmer to give your cheeks that added glow. Ladies looking to stand out rather than blend in may want to go for a shade that's more vibrant, like a bright pink. Make sure to find one with a subtle sparkle to give your cheeks a pop of color while also looking light and airy.

For everyday wear, those with a fair complexion should look for a milky rose color that will give the impression of rosy cheeks. Those with a darker skin tone may want to go for a shade of blush that is more reddish-pink, as these options will show up nicely on the skin and give off a gorgeous glow that also looks natural.

When it comes to eyeshadow - variety is the spice of life. This season, change up the typical smokey eye by using shades of silver instead. According to the news source, silver is more forgiving than black and can shed the tough girl attitude commonly accompanied by a smokey eye. Choose silver for your next holiday party and be the belle of the ball. More into gold? Go for it, and while your at it pair the gold with a deep, bold purple - these shades are perfect for all skin types and can really help accentuate eye colors in an instant.

For day-to-day applications, try shades in warm, sparkly browns. These look great with all skin types and work well with the fall/winter fashions.

No matter what colors you choose, the most important thing to remember is that makeup is supposed to be fun, so try new shades, colors and styles this season to stand out. 

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