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Makeup tips for the holidays

Holiday season usually means plenty of get-togethers, from family dinners to parties and dancing with friends, and with so many parties and festivities to look forward to, there is also plenty of opportunity to try out a number of different makeup looks.

Spending time with the family doesn't have to mean skimping on makeup. Metallic colors have been littering the red carpets in Hollywood lately, and they can create the perfect look for any holiday occasion, according to Ladies' Home Journal. For a subtle yet dazzling look, go for a warm eyeshadow palette with colors that reflect the season, such as gingerbread, pumpkin copper and champagne.

If you want your eyes to sparkle even more, play down the lip color. Something subtle like a soft pink, sheer red or even just a clear lip gloss will give your lips life without taking the focus off your glimmering eyes. Besides, it can be difficult to scarf down grandma's famous pumpkin pie when you're worried about smudging your lipstick.

Shimmer eyeshadow can also be perfect for an evening on the town with friends, whether going to a party or dining at a fancy restaurant. The best part is that this season, you aren't limited to sparkling lids. Marie Claire recommends gold lipstick for a flirty look that will be sure to attract extra attention. If you want something that stands out a bit more, the style magazine suggests layering a golden lip color over another shade for even more dimension and flair.

If metallics aren't quite up your alley, but you still want to make a splash at the holiday party, Cosmopolitan recommends choosing a light, pearly eyeshadow and pairing it with false eyelashes that will make you stand out from the crowd.

"We flutter our lashes when laughing, so this enhances the effect," celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green told Cosmo.

The more casual eye color gives you the perfect opportunity to play up your lips, and red lipstick is the best way to make a bold statement. A touch of blush is the perfect way to bring an overall tone of warmth that will make your overall appearance inviting and friendly.

One look that never seems to go out of style is the smokey eye, perfect for a night out with friends or a holiday date under the mistletoe. For this look, Cosmo recommends putting all of the emphasis on the eyes with dark liner, eye shadow and mascara. Instead of lining the lower lid with a dark color, you can choose to offset the dark upper lid with a light color or just skip lining the bottom lid all together. This will really draw attention to the smokey, mysterious look, especially when paired with a rosy lip color and a soft shimmer powder that will make you glow.

No matter what makeup palette you choose for the holiday season, make sure you set aside extra prep time to get the look just right. You can even practice beforehand so you know what works best. Experimenting with different makeup brushes can help you decide which brush gives you the effect your desire, and practice does make perfect. If you have trouble with liquid liner, or you can't decide what color scheme looks best with your holiday outfit, this will give you time to play around and find the perfect combo.

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