Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Makeup tips from the runway

Perhaps there are no better muses for fashionistas to look up to than the models that grace the catwalks of fabulous runway shows around the globe. These ladies gain insider's knowledge about what is hot and what is not when it comes to fashion and beauty. Cosmopolitan Magazine recently talked makeup with some of the leading fashion makeup artists in the game to share a few secrets.

Get a natural looking complexion
Most ladies want to look fresh-faced and fabulous, like they're not wearing any makeup at all. This trend rings true in the fashion world as well, and a makeup pro told the news outlet achieving this style is easy with a little practice.

To try out naturally flushed cheeks at home, start by dusting on a touch of true pink blush using a medium-sized fluffy-style brush. Dip the brush in the product and then swipe in on your cheeks in a circular motion to help spread it on evenly all along the circumference of your face. Using just a small amount to spread in this fashion will help your skin look "softly flushed and awake," the makeup artist told the news source.

Bronzed beauty
If you're more into making your complexion seem tan rather than enhancing the natural paleness of the winter months, there is hope for making this style seem natural too. A makeup artist told the publication the undertones of the bronzer you select are crucial in making your skin look great.

Ladies with light to medium skin should look for products that have a yellow-base as opposed to one with an orange-base. Yellow varieties work to keep your golden "tan" from looking fake (think Snooki or Tanning Mom). When applying the correct hue, grab a makeup brush and suck in your cheeks to find your cheekbones. Once located, take the brush and swipe it on directly underneath the cheekbone line and push it up and out toward your temples. This will not only create definition on your face, but it will highlight areas directly touched by the sun in a natural setting.

Other tips to consider include using cleaning your makeup brushes often to ensure they stay fresh and to try on different lipsticks and other beauty products in poor lighting - this will help you see how it will really look at work, school or anywhere else in public.

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