Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Makeup trends guys wish would go away

Many girls wear makeup and use other cosmetics because they like the way they enhance their natural beauty. Guys appreciate the way makeup makes your best features stand out, but Allure magazine reports that there are certain makeup palettes and techniques to stay away from if you are trying to impress Mr. Right.

Caked-on foundation is one beauty blunder that men hate. Wearing too much foundation can make your face look too painted-on, and will rub off on your clothes and his. Too much mascara is also a turn-off, the news outlet reports. While defining your eyelashes can make your baby blues, greens or browns pop, clumpy or flaky mascara can give your eyes a creepy, spidery effect. At the same time, too much eyeshadow is also a no-no. The smoky eye is a sexy look, but too much of a dark eyeshadow palette can be a bad thing. Instead, use a charcoal eyeshadow palette or a dusty brown to achieve this trendy look.

Sticky lip gloss also tops the list of beauty products guys do not like. Lip color should moisturize and give your lips a subtle sheen, not glue them together. 

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