Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Makeup tricks from the pros

Unfortunately, not all ladies are equipped with the same skills when it comes to their makeup routines, and some women have a lot of issues with this. Although the majority of girls out there want to look their best, sometimes it can be too hard to try new eye makeup or lipstick trends. Shape Magazine hears your cries and decided to get real advice from the big shots in the makeup industry in order to provide ladies with easy ways to look fabulous all the time.

Eyeliner tricks
Putting on eyeliner may seem like a no-brainer, but it can actually be quite difficult to get the product to spread on evenly or to create certain trends like the cat eye or another winged-out look. Instead of fretting over this issue, a makeup artist suggests ladies try the double-line approach - using a layer of pencil liner for an easier application and a liquid liner over it for more definition.

"I line my eyes first with a pencil liner because it's easier to make that straight line with it. Then I go back on the line with the liquid liner," the artist told the news source. "It's kind of like coloring! The result? Your eyeliner will stay on, smudge-free, and well-lined."

Another eyeliner trick from a different makeup artist is to use different hues for various styles.

"For an eye look that's defined but not too heavy, line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and the bottom lash line with brown eyeliner," the artist told the publication. "This is one of my biggest makeup artist tricks for beautiful, soft eyes!"

Make concealer work for you
Nothing can damper a day quite like waking up with dark under eye circles or a few new blemishes. Although these imperfections can be a nightmare to hide or cover up, there are a few tricks to try that may make this issue seem much more subtle.

"Brighten your look instantly by dabbing some corrective concealer on the darkest portion of under-eye circles. Pat a flesh-toned shade over it and set with powder," a beauty editor told the news source. "Make sure to apply any eye creams and moisturizers well before application to avoid creasing."

Keep your brushes and work space tidy
A great way to avoid breakout and other problems is to properly store, wash and clean your products including makeup brushes and mascara, the makeup artist for the TLC show "Wedding Day Makeover" reports. 

"Extend the life of your makeup by using disposable applicators to avoid the double dip. Makeup’s biggest enemy is bacteria, which are generally introduced to liquid products such as mascara by re-using an applicator. If you've ever had your makeup professionally done, you might notice that we makeup artists always use a new, clean mascara wand every time we have to dip into the product," the artist told Self. "We do this for the safety of our clients so that bacteria from one client isn't transferred to another, but limiting exposure to bacteria also helps the products last much longer. The easiest way to avoid the double dip is to use disposable applicators which you can generally get at any beauty supply shop."

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