Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Makeup tricks to help you stand out

Let's face it, in today's society more people are trying to fit in - wearing the same type of jeans, shirts and sunglasses. However, wouldn't it be nice to stand out just a bit from your friends? InStyle says "yes" and the fashion experts at the publication believe the way to do so is through fun makeup.

Be bold with your lips

A fabulous way to update your mundane routine is to sass up your style with bold lipstick choices. Not only will this help you feel better and more beautiful, but it may also garner more attention from the guy you like in your history class. The magazine reports both red and pink lipsticks hold a guy's attention for five seconds longer than a neutral lip.

Although this may be a great thing, you'll want your secret crush to check you out because you look good, not because you're wearing a crazy hue. To avoid the latter, try on a couple of shades you're interested in before rocking one to school.

Add that golden glow

Nothing says you're a star quite like the allure of golden shimmer. Not only do products with a touch of the warm hue enhance your feature, it can also make you seem more angelic and lovely.

Glamour Magazine reports one trend to try on a date with your beau is the halo effect. To achieve this, start by first rimming your peepers in black eyeliner and then applying a smoky gray eyeshadow on top - to the crease lines. For the halo, start by selecting a warm golden eyeshadow with specks of shimmer. Then use a makeup brush to apply the hue under your eyes a bit out from the liner. Apply the gold on top from the crease line to the brow lines and make sure to add a bit more at the inner corners to connect the "halo." This whimsical style is sure to nab you a second date with your crush.

False lashes

Nothing says "I'm a step above the rest" quite like super long eyelashes. InStyle reports going the extra mile and either curling your lashes and then applying mascara, or going all out with false lashes does change how your eyes look. Tip: if you're new to putting on false lashes, try to apply them long before your date arrives, as it can be a bit tricky to get at first. 

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