Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Minimize makeup mistakes

Eyeliner, blush, mascara, oh my! If trying to apply cosmetics has become a nightmare for you keep reading, as Self Magazine recently broke down the best ways to apply makeup.

A common problem that many ladies face when it comes to eye makeup is smudging their eyeliner. This can not only be an annoying problem, but can also be tough to fix. According to the experts at the magazine, the best way to avoid this eye issue is to prep the lids with eye primer before applying any makeup. This will help to create a "tacky surface" for the liner to stick to. To keep the color in place even better, try using a pencil first and then a liquid or gel liner like BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner which will seal the color in for the entire day.

Glamour Magazine suggests ladies using liquid eyeliner start by shaking the tube first to smooth out any clumps. To avoid mistakes, also try to steady your hand by resting your elbow on a hard surface. 

Let's face it, with exams, after school sports or meetings at work, a girl rarely has enough time in the day to sleep for a full eight hours. This can not only make mornings tough, but can also cause under-eye bags or circles - something no fashionista wants. There are plenty of concealers and face primers out there claiming to eradicate this annoying issue, but if you don't know how to apply it, it can be disastrous. Self reports the way to even out your under-eye imperfections begins with using makeup brushes rather than your hands. Use a small, flat brush like BH Cosmetics Flat Liner Brush to apply a "super thin" layer of concealer directly below each bag, as if you were trying to underline them. This works to eliminate the shadows, reducing the appearance altogether. Once the shadows are gone, swipe on a vibrant colored blush along your cheekbones to distract from the dark circles even more. 

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