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Miss Teen USA discusses her beauty rituals

Some ladies out there may have never heard of Logan West, but they should get to know her. The Connecticut high schooler was recently crowned Miss Teen USA and she is more than just a pretty face. Teen Vogue recently interviewed the young pageant queen and she opened up about everything from being bullied when she was younger to which makeup tricks make her feel most beautiful.

Although she is living the pageant lifestyle, West admitted to the magazine that she prefers the natural look when she's not representing her state or herself on stage.

"I tend to go for a really natural look. It's all about waking up in the morning and feeling good about yourself before you walk out the door," West told the publication. "If you don't feel good about yourself, people aren't going to enjoy looking at you! You have to let your inner beauty shine."

Despite loving the natural vibe, West also discussed that she's been doing her own hair and makeup for so long for pageants that she still has fun trying out new makeup trends - just like any other teen out there.

"I do love my eyes and I try to make them look as big as possible. We use fake lashes, tons of mascara, and dark brown eyeshadow," West said on her stage style, she then discussed her downtime routine. "For makeup, I'll just put on mascara, a tiny bit of eyeshadow, and concealer under my eyes. I also love lip balm."

In order to keep her skin looking fresh and bright, West makes sure to wash her face before bed, though she just uses soap and water. To avoid major breakouts while wearing heavier makeup during pageants, West said she stays conscious of wiping off the products after each section of the competition - plus this way she gets to wear multiple looks throughout the show.

West added her best beauty secret is to apply two layers of false eyelashes for a totally full look.

"I put on two pairs of false eyelashes and I use one that's a little bit bigger than the other so they layer out," the teen beauty queen told the news source.

The Hollywood Gossip reports West is more than just her crown. The teen also started program called "Bullyproof" to help combat bullying in schools. She hopes her new title will help BullyProof grow. 

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