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Models are dark and daring at Leonard show

The top designers around the world are currently in France to participate in the 2013 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week. The biggest names in style have pulled out all the stops in order to help their designs stand out and shine both on the runway and on real life women in the months to come. Veronique Leroy, the current designer for the label Leonard, kept the models dark and daring at her presentation. The models looked both captivating and mysterious, two styles that women everywhere crave.

To achieve a look similar to what the models wore during the show, you'll need to purchase metallic black eyeliner, black, gold and dark silver eyeshadow, pink blush and a muted copper lipstick.

Dark and smoky
The true star in this look is the eyes, and ladies will certainly want to try this trend when going out for a night on the town with friends or on a sassy date with their beaus. To try it out at home, start by first applying the black eyeshadow on your top lids up to the crease lines and out past the brow lines for a cat-eye style. Next, swipe on a thin layer of the silver eyeshadow just above the crease lines and switch over to the golden hue all the way up to the eyebrows. The pop of gold helps to soften the otherwise dark style. Once the eyeshadows are in place, swipe on the black eyeliner on your bottom lids and connect the product with the eyeshadow on top that goes out past the brow lines. Finish off the fab style with a few coats of volumizing mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Pop of girlie pink
Makeup artists of the Leonard show certainly knew it was important to mix the dark eyes with lighter makeup on the other features of the models' faces. The ladies stunned in light pink blush that started on the apples of their cheeks and then went upward along their cheekbones toward their temples. The addition of a drop of Vaseline on the cheeks helped create a perfect dewy glow.

Muted lips
The lips on the models went back to the harder look of the eyes, as the muted copper lipstick in a matte finish gave off a pop of color in a subtle manner. The lips looked lovely with the rest of the makeup and really helped the style come full circle.

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