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Nicole Scherzinger spills her beauty must-haves

Singer, dancer and now TV host Nicole Scherzinger certainly knows a thing or two about fashion and now she is sharing her knowledgeable information with fans.

Scherzinger recently broke down her makeup dos and don'ts with InStyle magazine, stating that her favorite beauty secrets include perfectly kept and manicured nails, fresh dewy looking skin and taking risks.

Being a host is much different than performing on stage, so Scherzinger lets the stylists come up with funky and new ideas during each taping of her hit show The X Factor. From smokey eyes using fun and flashy eyeshadow colors like metallic blues or neon greens to playing with different lipstick colors, she told the magazine she's tried it all.

"I work with the hair and makeup team each week to come up with something new and different," Scherzinger told the publication. "It's hard to say which look so far has been my favorite, but I can say it's been an absolute joy to come up with them. I never know what we'll do next - sometimes we'll go glam one night, then rock n roll the next night!"

Because her multiple jobs call for her to wear a lot of makeup, she tones it down during her free time, opting for just a few basic cosmetics. She told the magazine that during her down time she typically rocks a touch of eyeshadow in neutral tones, a bit of bronzer on her cheeks and a clear or light pink lip gloss, depending on where she's going.

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