Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Pink and orange eyeshadow? Yes you can!

It's fun to try out bright shades of eyeshadow, but it can be tough to pull off the warmer shades in your eyeshadow palette without looking like you have tired, red eyes. It's not always easy to know how to put on eyeshadow in hot shades of pink, red and orange, because these hues closely resemble your skin tone. However, you can rock them with these eyeshadow tips.

One of the crucial elements of warm colored eyeshadow is to put on enough of it. Just a light dusting of pink could look like pinkeye, and a touch of orange might make your skin look sallow. No matter what your skin tone, if you put on a thick enough layer of shadow, your bright-eyed makeup ideas will be clear.

It is important to start any eye makeup process with eye primer, but it is especially important when you are wearing warm colors. Primer ensures the color has a smooth, even base to go on, so reds and pinks don't look splotchy.

If you're still not ready to jump into the neon-eyelid trend, try applying one of these vibrant, fiery colors just along your lashline with a flat liner brush. Or, pick a shimmery peachy shade or a pinky bronze for a gentle foray into warm eyeshadow tones. 

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