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Pretty in purple

Who says pink is the best hue for looking girlie? Purple can be just as nice, with a touch of spice! Lauren Conrad recently addressed how to wear purple to perfection in just a few simple steps. LC posted the tips on her fashion and makeup blog, The Beauty Department. For the quick and easy style, you'll need lilac purple and rose gold eyeshadows, brushes, black eyeliner and mascara.

Moisten the brush

To help keep your purple makeup in place all day or night, LC suggest first dipping the brush you'll be using to apply the hue into a bit of water. Give it a good shake and then stick the brush in the eyeshadow and start sweeping it across your top lids.  Apply a few coats for major drama.

Work the bottom lids

After getting the purple just right on top, it's time to move on to the lower lids. Start by tracing the bottom lids with a cream eyeshadow to add more light to the area. Next, apply a thin layer of black eyeliner on the bottom to help give your eyes dimension.

Bring in the rose gold

Once the bottom lids are set, it's time to place the final touches on top. Dip a dry brush into the rose gold eyeshadow and start sweeping it along your crease line on your top lids. Apply it from the crease at the inner corner to the outer corner. Then use the same hue along your lower lash line, below the purple color for a perfect mix of warm and rich. Add a few coats of mascara and voila! Your eyes will be stunning, and help you stand out.

Be mellow on your cheeks

With an attention grabbing color like purple, it's important to remember to keep the rest of your face simple and understated. Glamour Magazine reports having bold eyes means using neutral tones on your lips and cheeks. A touch of peach-toned bronzer is sure to highlight your cheekbones without looking like one of the girls on "Toddlers in Tiaras."

Luscious lips

For the lips, a similar rule applies. You can sass up your pout by wearing a light pink or gold-toned lipstick. Don't go for reds, deep pinks or other bold colors, as it will be too distracting when paired with your lovely purple peepers. 

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