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Prom is getting near, what cosmetics will you wear?

With spring literally right around the corner, it's time for ladies to start considering cosmetics for the biggest event of the entire year - prom! Although the big day may be a few months off, it's never too early to figure out all the details from the dress to shoes, jewelry and of course makeup. Seventeen Magazine recently broke down the top star makeup trends to help ladies try out their faves and select the right choice for the main event.

Blake Lively is always a fashion goddess, and during a recent event she rocked both fabulous makeup and a sassy hairstyle. Lively was lovely in a sleek hairdo with a wild Rapunzel-style braid going down her back. You may need to check out extensions to properly achieve this look. It's a good thing her hair was out of her face, because her skin and eye makeup were out of this world. She started with a base foundation that worked to hide any imperfections. Next, Lively applied a ton of golden brown bronzer all over her face using makeup brushes to spread the product evenly. For the eyes, Lively started by rimming her upper and lower lids with black eyeliner with a fine eyeliner brush. She then added gold and peach eyeshadow on her upper lids and finished with plenty of volumizing mascara. A muted cranberry lip color in a matte finish helped provide some elegance to the look. Allure Magazine reports you could also try a bold lip color like hot pink to bring more fun and youthfulness to the style.

Ladies who stray from heavy makeup should look to style maven Emma Watson for their prom fashion. Watson is known to experiment with dramatic makeup, but many times is seen looking fresh-faced and clean. If you have flawless skin, there's no need to go overboard with makeup palettes, instead simply play up your natural features. For the eyes, try applying white eyeshadow to the corners of your eyelids and then apply a rosy red hue on the outer edges - going a bit past your brow lines. Skip the eyeliner and instead add tons of mascara or some false lashes. A clear lip gloss and a touch of petal pink blush on the apples of your cheeks will make you look sassy and sweet.

Girls going for a romantic vibe may want to take makeup advice from the adorable Rachel Bilson. The Hart of Dixie star always looks set to star in a romantic comedy and what ladies wouldn't want to hone in on that? To achieve this style, you'll need to create a dewy complexion. You can do so by applying rosy blush on your cheeks and then adding a drop of Vaseline that you can blend with your fingers or with make up brushes. For your lips, go with one of 2012's hottest trends - a peachy orange hue. Find a fabulous shade and then apply a coat of clear lip gloss to continue with the dewy vibe. Extend the orange to the eyes by finding a tangerine shade that you can apply on the upper lids. Then rim the top and bottom lids with jet black eyeliner and smudge the product a bit using a blending brush. A simple updo will keep all the guys' attention focused on you. Allure reports that the gorgeous Michelle Williams went for a similar sweetheart makeup look while attending and winning at this year's Golden Globes.

Teens looking to step it up a bit by going for a fashion-forward or dramatic look may want to check out Ashley Tisdale's recent makeup. Seventeen Magazine reports Tisdale went for full glamour, and the key to achieving this for prom is wearing bold red lipstick. Red continues to make a splash in the fashion/celebrity world and you can look great wearing a number of fun shades. An added tip is to try different shades in pictures - this way you can see exactly how each one will show up on film. Because your lips will be so bold, go easy on your other cosmetics. A touch of bronzer on your cheeks and neutrals on your eyes will be perfect. 

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