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Purple is perfect for fall

Halloween is almost here and for many girls that means it's time to put the finishing touches on their costumes. For those who have already showed off their holiday spirit over the weekend, it may be time to try a new equally as daring trend - purple all over. Glamour Magazine reports Halloween day may be a great time to rock a cool purple lipstick shade, as well as use the hue on your nails and even your eyes.

"Halloween makeup doesn't have to be a big production or all about super-crazy face paint," a celebrity makeup artist told the magazine. "Sometimes you can go dramatic but chic with simple things, like high-impact violet lips for a femme fatale look."

To achieve the latter, start by picking up a few products, including a cool purple lipstick with fuchsia undertones and a similar colored nail polish. You could also go for a darker purple hue that would work with the current "wine lips" craze.

Prep your lips
After you've gathered all of your essentials for this style, you'll want to get your lips perfectly smooth as people will be staring at your pout all night. To soften your mouth, start by dipping a face cloth in warm water and then placing the cloth on your lips for between one and two minutes. After the allotted time, start moving the cloth over you pout in slow, circular motions in order to remove any dead skin or other imperfections. When you feel your lips are sufficiently smooth, swipe on your favorite chapstick to lock in moisture before applying the bold color. From here, apply a layer of lip primer to help the cool purple color stay locked in place - no one wants to be seen at a party with purple teeth!

Applying the main event
After the primer has set you can start swiping the purple color directly on your lips. Tip: test out the different shades in less than perfectly lighting such as the bathroom to see how it will really look in public. If you couldn't find the optimal hue, try mixing the purple you have with a fuchsia-toned gloss for a perfect combination.

Since your lips and fingernails are meant to be the stars of the show, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. A touch of light pink or sun-kissed product on your cheeks and neutral or smoky eyes on your peepers would be ideal.

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