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Release your inner diva with Lauren Conrad's eye makeup tips

Sure, summer is here and that means ladies around the nation are probably replacing their dark, smoky eye looks in exchange for softer, more natural looking makeup. However, do you ever have those moments when you just want to look dramatic and over-the-top despite the rising thermometer? If so, Lauren Conrad's blog, The Beauty Department, has the absolutely perfect style for you to try.

The eye makeup trend LC recommends mixes dark colors with pleasant peaches, for a lovely marriage of dark and warm that is a perfect take on the smoky eye during the summer months.

Step 1. Prep your work space

The key to making this style work correctly is first applying eye primer on your top lids in order to set each additional product. There's nothing worse than smudging, and this is even more of a concern during the summer when sweat is inevitable. Once you apply the primer, you're set to start adding the fun aspects of the look.

Step 2. Bring on the black

Once the primer has set, it's time to add some major drama to your eyes with the addition of shimmery black eyeshadow. LC suggests sweeping the color across your top lids starting from the lash line and moving up to the crease.

Step 3. Add orange

After the shimmering black is sufficiently covering your top lids to the crease line, it's time to bring in the color. Apply the burnt orange or even tangerine-toned eyeshadow starting just above the black and all the way up to just below your brow bones. Use a blending brush to create fluidity between the black and the orange color. This will also help to soften up both hues.

InStyle Magazine reports mega stars like Fergie and the adorable Emma Stone have both been seen wearing orange and black combos as of late.

Step 4. Outline with black

Next on the road to looking fabulous is tracing your upper lash lines with a black liquid eyeliner, The Beauty Department Reports. For a bit more drama, extend the eyeliner a bit past your brow lines to create a modern cat-eye style.

Step 5. Enhance the under eye

Phew, you've completed the work on top and now it's time to move onto your bottom lashes. Start by using the orange eyeshadow to trace along your lower lash lines using a flat liner brush. Make sure to apply a good amount so it really stands out from a distance.

Step 6. Darken up

After applying enough orange, it's time to swipe on a bit of black eyeliner onto your lower lash lines. Then rim your inner waterlines with the dark hue liner for a modern look.

Glamour Magazine suggests trying lighter hues on your waterlines as well as a way to really open up your eyes and make them seem larger. Drew Barrymore recently rocked a smoky eye with a peach-toned hue on her lower waterlines and the combo was stunning.

Step 7. Let the blending begin

The Beauty Department reports after applying the products on the bottom lids, you need to blend them together, similar to how you did so on the top lids. Make sure to use a blending brush and start by mixing the waterline color in with the orange hue for a "sunset" effect.

Step 8. Bring the va-va-voom

Finish off this fabulous and dramatic eye makeup with plenty of volumizing mascara. LC suggests applying 2 to 3 coats on the top and bottom lashes for the best results.

Because your eyes will be so intense, it's best to keep the rest of your makeup minimal.  A touch of golden-toned bronzer on your cheeks and a light pink lipstick on your pout will enhance the overall feel without overpowering it.

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