Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Rock bronze-on-bronze right

When it comes to makeup, matching is not necessarily the go-to look. However, when something is right, it just is and that is the case with Hilary Duff's recently style. The gorgeous new mama showed off her slimmed down frame and her flare for fashion while attending a party for Mindy Kaling's new comedy "The Mindy Project."

Duff enhanced her good look wearing tons of bronze makeup from lips all the way up to her lovely hazel eyes. To achieve a similar goddess-like style, start by picking up the right products, Glamour Magazine reports. For the Duff-worthy look you'll need golden brown bronzer, a light brown lipstick with gold undertones, gold eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Lip service

Once you have the right supplies, it's time to try them out for real. To begin, apply the light brown lipstick on your pout - use a few layers to get that golden vibe just right. Duff added a touch of gloss over her brown hue, so feel free to apply a clear product on top as well if you dare.

Bold cheeks

After you've gotten your lips to look just right it's time to move on to the cheeks. For the look, Duff went heavy on the bronzer, applying multiple swipes of the product on the apples of her cheeks and upwards toward her temples. To make the style seem more natural, the actress and singer applied more of the product on her T-zone and other places in which the light naturally hits the face.

Golden peepers

To finish off this stellar style, Duff enhanced her eyes by rimming them in metallic gold eyeliner, she also used a thin black pencil on her top lids for more definition. Next, the mama added tons of gold and bronze-toned eyeshadow on her upper lids from the lash lines up to her brow lines. She then swiped on a touch of metallic cream eyeshadow at her inner corners for an added glow. 

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