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Rocking red-on-red: a do or don't?

Let's face it, being matchy-matchy is never a good idea, as it's too safe and doesn't let you express your true colors. However, in some instances wearing similar hues can work - case in point, model Petra Nemcova's red-on-red style while attending a Cannes event.

Glamour Magazine reports the gorgeous model was doing everything right in this look, including matching her red lipstick perfectly with her red dress. This style works for a few specific reasons. First, Nemcova chose red because it is a glamorous shade and works well at a prestigious event like Cannes. Secondly, the red dress actually brings out the color on her lips and makes them look more stunning than they would had she been wearing a black or another color gown. Thirdly, she kept the rest of her cosmetics simple - if she had gone for a smokey eye too, we'd have an issue.

If you want to try matching red with red, start by selecting a shade that perfectly matches the gown you'll be wearing. You may want to pick up a few lip colors to try. Tip: put on the gown and the different lipstick choices in bright lighting, such as in your school's bathroom or a dressing room, as it will show you exactly how it will look in pictures and anywhere else you go in your sassy ensemble. After picking the right red, it's time to focus on the rest of your makeup. Nemcova opted for a peachy-toned bronzer on her cheeks - this color worked to tie in the red and gave her a sun-kissed glow. For your eye makeup, start by rimming the upper and lower lids in black eyeliner using a fine liner brush and then add a bit of gold and brown eyeshadow to keep it neutral. Finish off with plenty of volumizing mascara.

InStyle Magazine reports Taylor Swift recently rocked red-on-red, though she chose a more coral-based shade to better complement her fair complexion. 

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