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Sass up your cat-eye style

The cat-eye continues to be popular both on celebs at red carpet events and everyday ladies heading to work or school. Even though the traditional version of this eye makeup trend is perfection, there are ways to improve and even spice up the cat-eye, and Glamour Magazine recently got the inside scoop.

The thicker the better
A great way to subtly switch up your go-to look is to add some volume to your cat-eye trend. For this style, start by swiping on a black pencil eyeliner from the inner corners and out past your brown lines and up in a swoop. Then use the liner to fill in more of your top lids in black, and switch to a liquid liner to help the look pop and seem more defined.

Regal reds
Ladies looking to transform entirely may want to take a note from the style seen on models at the Emporio Armani New York City runway show. These models were stunning in a red-inspired cat-eye (think bold like Katniss in her "girl on fire" ensemble in "The Hunger Games"). For this stellar trend, you'll first need to find a red eyeliner and a creamy red eyeshadow to create the dewy effect the models had.

When the products are gathered, start by swiping on the red eyeliner from the inner corners to the outer corners, sweeping it out past the brow lines and up a bit. Next, use the pencil to create a triangle with the base starting near the outer corners and the tip meeting up with the original line passed the brows. Fill in the pencil using the cream eyeshadow and then swipe it on bottom from the outer corners to the lid.

Black is back
Girls looking to spice up their style and create a dramatic and over-the-top look should try the deep black and gray cat-eye makeup. For this trend, you'll need a jet black eyeliner in pencil and liquid form and black and dark gray eyeshadow. Start this bold style by swiping on the black eyeshadow on your top lids up to the crease lines and out past the brow lines in an upward motion. Next, apply the dark gray hue in the creases and a bit above for definition. When the look is smokey, grab the pencil liner and rim your lids in it, go over the top section in the liquid liner to complete this mysteriously gorgeous trend.

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