Face Makeup Tricks & How-To's (285)
Sass up your party look

The party season is here as Christmas is a week away and New Year's Eve is right behind it. Even if you have the perfect ensemble picked out for upcoming fetes, you may still be wondering what type of makeup will work best to help you stand out and shine. Cosmopolitan Magazine recently discussed its favorite party looks to ensure fashionistas look fabulous in front of their big crushes.

Bring the bling to your eyes
Glitter and sparkle is fun in moderation and one of the best ways to enjoy a little shimmer this holiday season is through your eye makeup. Stars like Katy Perry have been known to show off their love for glitter on their false eyelashes and you can do the same.

For this trend, you'll first need to pick up false lashes - make sure you get a pack with plenty of lash glue. You'll also need colored crystals. When you have the tools, start to add the crystals to the lashes to make a fabulous pattern. Next, apply simple eye makeup and then glue on the lashes for a fabulous finish.

Perfect pouts
If you're a bit more reserved, going for a wild lip color may be more up your alley. This option will still help you stand out, though in a slightly more subtle way. Feel free to try funky shades like fuchsia, lavender or tangerine, as the hue is meant to be the highlight of your complexion.

However, when wearing wild lipstick, it's important to take the time to apply it in a certain way. To begin, line your lips with a liner that matches the lipstick shade. Fill in your lips with the liner as well to help keep the top product in place. When the lips are lined, swipe on the lipstick and then use a tissue to blot any clumps or other imperfections. Add a second coat if you feel it's necessary.

Heavenly glow
Ladies looking to literally shine this holiday season may want to try and get a gorgeous glow on their face. To achieve this style, try to find a blush that is a mix between pink and red as this in-between hue is perfect on most complexions. Apply the cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and then swipe on a top layer of a matching powder-based product for a stunning pop of color. 

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