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Shine bright like a diamond this New Year's Eve

The big event is almost here and for ladies looking to stand out and be fab this New Year's Eve, glitter may be the way to go. That's right, ringing in a New Year is one of the only times girls can get away with going heavy with the shimmer, glitter and sparkle. Lauren Conrad recently dished on a fabulous way to rock glitter this year, and fashionistas everywhere should take notice.

To achieve the beautiful blue eye makeup LC has in mind, ladies will need tape, eye primer, electric blue eyeshadow and blue or silver glitter.

Prep the eyes
When you have all of the essentials, it's time to get the party started. Begin by swiping the primer on your top lids and then let it sit for between one and two minutes for the product to set.

Bring on the blue
After the allotted time, start applying the cream-based eyeshadow on your top lids. LC's model rocked hers from the inner corners and out past the outer corners for an exaggerated cat-eye style. Spread the hue all over your top lid, pushing it a bit past your crease lines for major definition.

Add the glitter
When the eyeshadow is perfect, grab the silver or blue glitter and start to apply it all over the top lids, or just at the lash lines for a more sophisticated touch. Don't worry about the mess it's making, that is where the tape comes in.

After the glitter is gorgeous, take the piece of tape and wrap it around the top of your index finger with the sticky-side facing out. When the tape is set, use it to pick up any loose glitter that fell on your face. The easy trick will ensure you look polished, rather than like Ke$ha.

Finishing touches
Even though the blue hue and the glitter may be enough focus for your eyes, you can still improve the style by rimming your lids in thin black eyeliner. Complete the look by swiping on a few coats of volumizing mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Keep the rest of your look simple
With such bold eye makeup, it's best to keep the rest of your face simple. A touch of peach-toned product on your cheeks and a light pink or clear gloss on your pout is sure to enhance the rocking blue on your eyes. 

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