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Solution for your biggest cosmetic woes

Ladies do have it harder than men when it comes to getting ready and even using cosmetics can pose certain problems. Although most women enjoy looking their best, it can be hard to try when their products are acting up. Those out there considering throwing in the towel, needn't lose hope just yet, as InStyle Magazine recently gave its best advice for "solving the most annoying beauty problems."

According to the magazine, one of the major complaints readers had was issues with their makeup brushes getting destroyed after just a few months of using them. Laziness may be the culprit in this case as not cleaning the brushes enough can reap havoc on the bristles. Makeup artist Fiona Stiles told the source that the best way to avoid this problem is to wash the brushes with dish detergent about once a month. This can help "break down the oils and pigments that build up in the hairs," Stiles said.

Makeup artist Jake Bailey adds that how you dry the brushes is a crucial step to saving your brushes as well.

"If you put them upright in a cup, water can seep into the base and rot the brush," Bailey told the news source.

Instead, lay the brushes out flat on a paper towel to air dry for best results and then feel free to use them to add fun blush or bronzer to your face for another month.

Some ladies reported having trouble finding a concealer that looks natural and covers their dark circles or large pores. According to the magazine, girls with this problem should look into using a liquid based foundation over a powder based version.

"Liquid formulas absorb more easily under the eyes and cover circles without caking," Bailey told the publication.

Glamour Magazine added that finding the best concealer or foundation starts with trial and error. Ladies should also always look for a color that is one or two shades lighter than their actual complexion in order to blend the product more naturally.

Bright red lipstick or tangerine tone lip gloss are beginning to seem like the hottest trend in 2012. Although these shades are fun and flirty, some ladies have reported to InStyle Magazine that using gloss leaves them with a white film on the inside of their lips - and there's nothing flattering about that.

The style experts at the magazine find that in most cases this strange white film tends to occur when a girl's lips are dry and flaky. The remnants then get trapped in the creases of the lips which creates the bumpy areas. To reduce this unflattering occurrence, ladies should exfoliate their lips before applying gloss or a lip color. Use a warm facecloth and rub it along your lips to wipe off any imperfections or flakes. During the winter months it might also be beneficial to find a color you like in a glossy lip balm. This way, your lips will stay hydrated and you still get a nice tint.

Keeping mascara in place for an entire workday or night on the town can be a challenge for anyone. Whether you buy a product that claims to be waterproof, many times people notice that there are traces of the mascara on their lids hours after first applying it. InStyle reports that this breakdown tends to occur because mascara can disintegrate or fall apart when it comes in contact with the oils on your skin. The simplest way to keep this problem at bay is to always rock eyeshadow. However, for ladies on the go, the solution might be to try using a mascara primer on your lashes before applying the actual mascara. This can help to create a "matte canvas on the lashes," which can help keep the mascara in place. 

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