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Splurge on makeup in the evenings

Some ladies may be guilty of keeping their makeup to a minimum during school hours or while at work because let's face it, getting up even earlier to apply cosmetics can be a struggle. However, one time ladies should never hold back is during the evening hours, no matter if they're going to the movies with Mom or on a hot date with their guy. Looking great at night should never be an option.

This being said, the fashion professionals at Glamour Magazine break down exactly what styles work best at night, and most don't require too much effort or time.

According to the magazine, one of the hottest trends right now is definitely glossy eyelids. This sensation has been popping up on different spring runways and is quite simple to pull off. All you need to do is first swipe on a bit of petroleum jelly or non sticky lip gloss or lip balm on your top lids. You can either apply a shimmering brown or metallic gold eyeshadow on top to add more dimension. Ladies looking to make the glossy trend even simpler can try using a lip gloss with a light pink sheen for a touch of color.

Elle Girl Magazine reports that this trend was recently seen at the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show, and his models added even more fun by way of the tangerine-toned blush on their cheeks.

Another popular nighttime look is sheer red lipstick, according to Glamour. Apparently the shinier the better is a trend for 2012 as super glossy red lips are going to be big in spring. The source reports that achieving the right amount of gloss and color takes a bit of work as you'll need to combine a few lip colors in order to get it just right. Try first applying a hot pink or red lip stain or lipstick and then add on a few layers of clear lip gloss.

"It will take your lips to the next level and is easier than applying heavy lipstick," makeup artist Carola Gonzalez told the publication.

The 80s simply won't go away as another popular evening trend emerging on the runways is brightly colored cheeks.

"More is more this season, especially for evening," Matthew Nigara, a New York City makeup artist told the news outlet.

Feel free to go overboard with your blush the next time you head out on the town with your friends. The magazine suggests using makeup brushes to apply the color to your cheeks. Always suck in your cheeks while doing it and follow the hollow regions directly underneath your cheekbones, moving up toward your ears. Ladies feelings extra adventurous can try this trick from the experts: apply scotch tape on each cheek at a desired angle, then swipe on the blush above and below the tape to create strong edges. Remove the tape and then blend the powder together.

"This will give you a great punk-rock look and add an instant glam-rock edge," Nigara told the magazine.

Elle Girl Magazine reports that bright, bold blush or bronzer is also a great way to emphasize another popular trend - doll lashes. This look requires tons of mascara on the upper and lower lids and then spreading out each lash to make them look even longer. According to Elle Girl, models at the Anna Sui runway show rocked this look with the addition of bold peach and tangerine blush all over their cheeks that went all the way up to their brow lines.

Glamour Magazine also suggested ladies try the cat eye look, using tons of smudged eyeliner on their upper and lower lids and the multi-shade eyeshadow style to stand out even in the dead of night.

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