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Stars brought their A-game during Primetime Emmys

Nothing says glamour quite like an award show and this year's Primetime Emmys brought out some sassy and ultra-high fashion looks. The stunning Kerry Washington, Kate Mara and Nicole Kidman brought their A-game to the red carpet and ladies need to take note in order to stand out from their friends this fall.

Kerry Washington
Glamour Magazine reports Kerry Washington was subtle and beautiful for the event, from her makeup to her champagne-toned sparkling dress and all the way down to her shoes. For this look, Washington began wearing a peach-toned lipstick in a matte finish. She accentuated her lips even further by rimming them in a touch of light brown lip liner to lock in the fresh color. She kept the peachy-keen vibe going by wearing an orange-tinted blush on her gorgeous cheeks and enhanced her big brown eyes by applying black eyeliner on her lids - making the product thicker on top. Washington added some sparkle applying gold eyeshadow at the inner corners of her eyes and a light pink hue on her top lids.

Kate Mara
Kate Mara looked all grown up in her sophisticated ensemble during the Primetime Emmys. Her dramatic dress that was adorned with false purple flower petals and gold sequins was certainly a head turner, as was her bold makeup.

For this event, Mara started by wearing a light, bright pink lipstick on her pout in a matte finish, she then accentuated her high cheekbones wearing a few swipes of light pink blush. She enhanced her hazel eyes by first rimming them in black eyeliner. Mara then went over the product with a metallic copper liner that helped to soften the hard black tone. The actress applied more gold and copper eyeshadow on her top lids for a lovely golden halo effect.

Nicole Kidman
A-list celebrity Nicole Kidman has always been a fan of trying out dramatic and fashion-forward trends and she did not disappoint during this event. The gorgeous actress went for a playful design in her white gown that was adorned with a bright blue sequined pattern. The pops of blue carried over to her makeup as well.

Kidman kept her look fun and youthful wearing on-trend light tangerine lipstick with golden undertones. She enhanced her naturally-high cheekbones wearing a peach-toned hue with a dewy glow and helped her beaming blue eyes stand out by applying black eyeliner on her top lids. Kidman then swiped metallic blue eyeliner on her bottom lids and over the black on top for a gorgeous contrasting vibe.  

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