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Steal Tyra Banks' bold eye makeup

Tyra Banks has been in the fashion world for quite some time, so you may assume that she's done and seen every fashion and cosmetics trend out there. However, Glamour Magazine recently reported that Banks has yet again come up with a new and exciting way to wear makeup. 

The magazine reports Banks was seen wearing sassy eye makeup while attending the 2012 Matrix Awards Luncheon recently. From a distance, her makeup may seem mundane, but up close it screams fashion model as she chose to rock her chocolate brown eyeshadow almost all the way up to her brow lines. She stopped the product with a very defined border that may take some practice to get right.

To try out this stellar look, start by using an eye primer on your top lids to keep the color in place. Next, try out some shades of brown on your hand using makeup brushes to figure out which hue works for you. Then apply the product all over your top lids and go up past the crease line and up to about a centimeter before your brow lines. It may be helpful to put a piece of tape where you want to stop to create a sharp line like Banks had. The supermodel also added more drama to this look by using the brown eyeshadow as eyeliner on her lower lids, which she applied using a blending brush. Finish off this style with a swipe of black eyeliner along your upper lash line and then apply tons of mascara.

InStyle Magazine suggest ladies with a wild side may want to try out this eye makeup using brighter, more fun hues like teal or electric blue. 

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